Home Security System

Home security is very important. A person should be able to feel safe in their home and should not have to worry about security threats. There are new advanced in college station security systems that will make sure that a family will be safe in their own home.

Infrared Motion Detectors
This new technology is able to monitor the outside of a home with a range of up to thirty-five feet. Before an intruder will be able to reach the home an alarm will sound and the police will be notified. There are also addition trip mechanisms that are placed near windows and doors that use wireless technology. They are able to sense the body heat of a person that is trying to enter and will also sound an alarm.

Wireless Sensors
wireless sensorWireless sensors are delicate and they are precise. These sensors are able to tell the difference between a curtain moving, or an animals that is outside. They will not set off an alarm for these occurrences but will set off the alarm if they detect something larger such as a human. The security system is able to run on a backup power generator in case of a power outage.

Chemical Protection
Each year homes are at risk for fires and carbon monoxide. New security detection will be able to alert the family when the silent killer of carbon monoxide is present. Fire detectors will alert a sound when there is smoke instead of waiting for the file. They are able to tell the difference between false alarms such as smoke from cooking. There are also panels which will notify every other fire panel in the home in case of an emergency so no matter where a person is they will hear the alarm. Carbon monoxide is the silent killer. These new detectors are extra sensitive and are able to pick up this chemical before it is too late.

Wireless Cameras
camera No matter where a person is they can keep an eye on their home with the use of wireless security cameras. The cameras will show real time images that can be viewed on a computer or a smart phone. The cameras are able to pan from left to right so a person can get the entire view of their home.
These are some of the latest advanced in home security systems. Home security is not a laughing matter and new technology is developed to ensure that a family will be safe.