Learning All About Non-Prescription Colored Contacts

Non prescription colored contacts are great for numerous reasons including fashion, body modification, movie props and simply just for entertainment purposes. When purchasing a non-prescription contacts package you have the choice between either opaque or enhancement lenses. Opaque lenses are excellent for individuals with dark eyes or for anyone with light eyes looking to completely change their natural eye color. The enhancement lenses on the other hand are meant for individuals who have light colored eyes and want to enhance their natural color. Since the enhancement lenses are much more clear than the opaques, the lenses do not benefit dark colored eyes.

leshti9The most popular type of lenses are the opaque as they are seen throughout your favorite movies and television shows. When you are watching horror films and you see a zombie or even a creature that has all white eyes, or even red, they are opaque lenses. The range of colors and shapes for opaque lenses is very large. Some popular lenses on the market are cat eyes, all white, and black lenses. All three of these products give your eyes an extremely unique look that is sure to make anyone turn their heads in awe. Not only are they unique in appearance but they are also comfortable to where and easily accessible.

Colored contacts are specifically designed so that only your pupil is seen through the center of the contact. The reasoning behind this is so that the color/design of the lenses do not tint your vision. Some lenses do indeed cover your entire pupil, tinting your vision slightly. These types of lenses are mainly used in movies when they need an actor/actress’s eyes and pupils to be all white, or any other desired color. The reason why these Fashion-Tips-Brown-Eye-Makeup-image-4particular lenses are only used on set is because of the tinting effect. Walking around going about your daily routine would not be an easy task while wearing lenses that cloud your vision.

Before buying any non-prescription colored contacts it is ideal to contact a representative from the company to see if the contacts will be the perfect fit for you. The representative can help go over specific facts to ensure you that you are purchasing the most beneficial contacts. Some questions they may ask are what your eye color is and the shape of your eye. Not all colored contacts are “one size fits all”, in fact a large number of products are sized based which is why it is a good idea to visit your eye doctor to have your eyes measured and examined before purchasing non-prescription lenses.