Exploring Software Defined WAN

A WAN is a wide area network that connects different devices over a large geographic area. The devices are often connected so that they can communicate and share different sets of data and other information with each other. There are two different types of wide range networks that will be discussed in this article. The first type of wide range network is a software defined wide range network and the other is called a Cloud Network or cloud wide range network.

A software defined wide range network combines the two forces of software defined networking (also known as SDN) with a wide area network (also known as WAN). By combining these two forces together, different devices can be connected. Businesses typically use software defined wide range networks the most. They may use them to connect their office to the corporate office in another location. Businesses may also use software defined wide range networks to connect to other branches within the company that are located in various places. Banks use software defined wide range networks often to communicate between the different branches. That is how they can access a client’s information no matter where the client is at and no matter what branch they are inside of. One of the major downfalls to having a software defined wide range network is that can be very expensive to run and operate. That is because of all of the highly advanced technology that it requires in order to successfully run one.

The pricier unit that is used in order to run software defined wide range network is something called a proprietary hardware, which is a hardware that is being run by a sole proprietor, person, or company. Aside from the major disadvantage of running the overly expensive, extremely advanced futuristic technology that is required to run the software defined wide range network, there are many benefits to using such a network. One of the more obvious benefits to using the software defined wide area networking system is being able to share information and communicate with others who are also involved in the particular network.

Another benefit to using a software defined wide range network is those who are involved in the network can rest assured that whatever information that they are sharing with others who are in the network is being kept 100% secure from hackers or anyone else who may want to break in to the network for whatever reason. This used to be a huge issue that affected thousands all around the world for a long time. Luckily, technology has been invented and utilized to cut down on the amount of hackers and people using the network who were not supposed to be using it.